The equipment used in the fairgrounds has started to change and become more useful with the development of technology. We can say that Light Box comes first. This equipment, which means light box as a word, makes the introduced visual much more interesting.

Basically, the light makes the existing image more remarkable with the effect of the light placed on the back of the image printed on a surface. In other words, it helps to emphasize more important details of the image. Especially in recent years, with the development of LED light technology, a wide variety of and very aesthetic products have been created.

In order to introduce your products to your customers at the fairs, you can introduce your company and your brand in more detail by using equipment such as Light Box or Led Box. Another important equipment you will need while promoting your own brand and products at the fair will be the stand. You can also contact our company for exhibition stands in the pattern or color you want.

The stands may differ depending on the company and the products the company will promote. The company chosen to meet important equipment such as stands is very important. The more experienced and qualified the company you prefer, the faster and easier it will be to set up. In addition, these stands take up much less space than they normally do, allowing to communicate with more customers.

Light Box Selection at the Fairground

Most of the companies prefer light boxes at fairs. There are many types of this product. Many different materials are used in its construction. As well as framed varieties, unframed products are widely used.

If you want to introduce your company and your brand in a more detailed and catchy way at the fair, it will be more effective to make use of these equipments. These Light Boxes are divided into two as side-lit and backlit. In products with side lighting, the visual that needs to be illuminated is not directly illuminated. Illumination from the sides helps the visual to attract attention. In backlit Light Boxes, the light is reflected directly on the image to be illuminated. The main purpose of doing it in this way is to prevent the explosion of light. In this way, at the same time, the entire existing image will be evenly illuminated.

It is very important to support visuals for advertising purposes with light. In this way, it is ensured that the brand or the products to be promoted are engraved in more memories. Because in this way, the details remaining in the background are also brought to the fore.

Thanks to years of experience, Esprint Reklam has managed to get full marks from all its customers by producing important equipment such as lightbox in line with the demands and needs of its customers. You can also contact us for equipment related to the fair and have detailed information about the subject.

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